How Will Next-Gen Apple MacBook Pro Brush-Off Disappointments from Regular Mac Users? [VIDEO]


The newly launched MacBook Pros have received both positive feedback from loyal mac users. However, criticisms about its new features never seem to stop. How will the next-generation laptop address and brush-off the disappointments both from regular mac users and newbies? Read more details here!

MacBook Pro 2016 Powerful but Underestimated Features

More often than not, MacBook Pros were totally snubbed by average laptop users mainly because of its hefty price tag; however, unbeknownst to many, Apple's portable machines, most especially the newly launched ones, have powerful but often underestimated features.

One good example of this is the Touch Bar functionality, a tiny strip located just above the keyboard that offers obvious and immediate usefulness. According to The Verge, Touch Bar in MacBook Pros is not just like having an extension of keyboard, but it's like having a piece of an iPad in a laptop.

Furthermore, Touch Bar offers amazing functionality most especially when it morph into something depending on the type of application. As added by the same publication, Touch Bar functionality will soon be open to any application aside from those that came from Apple.

The next thing that makes the new MacBook Pro extraordinary is the new set of ports. Many have become sentimental, especially the photographers and videographers, when Apple decided to kill off its traditional ports such as USB 3.0 and SD Slot; however, the tech giant's bold move towards uniform USB-C and ThunderBolt 3 ports will have an impact in the long run, Tech Crunch reported.

In addition to the powerful features of MacBook Pro 2016 is its enhanced sound and vision. Apple retains the Retina display with screen resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, increased brightness from 310 from 2015 to 500of 2016, higher contrast ratio and wide color support.

Furthermore, the enhanced sound system makes the new MacBook Pro 2016 more appealing than its predecessors. The speakers have gained mini-woofer from the bottom end of the laptop and can emit fuller sound up to 2.5X louder bass, enough to crank a room. 

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