'Warframe' Latest Update Goes Live; What Fans Can Expect From 'The War Within' Patch [VIDEO]


Fans and gamers alike were delighted to hear that more content is being released to the well-received free-to-play game, "Warframe." As the latest "The War Within" update went live, fans can expect a lot of things coming their way.

It was announced back in October that a new update will be coming to "Warframe," PC Gamer reported. In its coverage, initial news of the update was first unveiled at the recent inaugural TennoCon.

It was stated by the source that "Warframe's" success can be attributed to its continuous iterations, which "The War Within" update hopes to forge even more. This update was said to require the players to have accomplished the preceding quests and to have unlocked the planet Sedna through the completion of the Pluto-Sedna Junction.

The same publication went on to state that players are also advised to put on their character's best cosmetic pieces and prepare their load outs, as both of these features will be incorporated into the cinematic journey of "The War Within," which clearly aims to make it more of a personalized experience for its fans.

As the update recently got released to fans all over, Digital Extremes has given out their official statement regarding what fans can expect from the quest itself. It would seem that fans are going to embark on a journey to Grineer Queen's Fortress as they solve the mystery regarding Tenno's past and their true capabilities.

On top of the quest, Digital Extreme has also said that new weapons, enemies and plot secrets will be revealed.

Moreover, the game's developers have also stated that this update is a reflection of the things they've learned from working on with "Warframe," Eurogamer has learned. They also mentioned that none of them would have expected for this game to be as successful as it is now four years ago.

With the new update, "The War Within," already making its way to "Warframe," fans can only expect greater things ahead of them this November.

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