‘Rick And Morty Season 3’ Air Date Controversy: Will Show Air On December 2016 Or 2017?

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"Rick and Morty" fans are currently debating about the upcoming air date for the series' third season run. One "Rick and Morty" insider insists that the show will be aired on 2017 despite earlier announcements.

December 2016 Air Date Disputed

Reddit user PopDavid who claims to be one of "R&M Design Assistants" disputed earlier announcements from show co-creator Dan Harmon and other news outlet. He claimed that the December 2106 release date is unlikely to happen.

Reasons For "Rick and Morty" Season 3 Delay

PopDavid is insisting that only 9 or 10 episodes out of the total 14 have been completed. This assertion disputes earlier statements of R&M show writers Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe that all episodes scripts in "Rick and Morty" Season 3 have been completed since September. The two female writers also said that they are waiting for the animation to arrive in order to start the in-house screening. PopDavid said this is not true. Erica Hayes, R&M storyboard artist, posted on her tumblr page that 10 episodes have been completed.

Who Is Telling The Truth?

One of the "Rick and Morty" show writers, Dan Guterman, posted a tweet on late October that Season 3 scripts is almost finished, according to Inverse. However, PopDavid basically accused the show's creators and writers of putting out misleading information to the public.

Meanwhile, "Rick and Morty's " network Adult Swim did make a few teasers for the upcoming third season; however, it has not yet committed an official air date for the show. The R&M production people did post a tweet showing several drawings of a Gromflomite trooper. The tweet post could be seen here.


PopDavid posted his claims almost a month ago and it may be possible that all of the "Rick and Morty" Season 3 episodes have all been finished by now. But he asserts that the show will be aired on 2017 and not in late 2016. Fans will know soon enough since December is only a few weeks away.

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