Samsung Willing to Pay Developers $9 Million for New Apps; Leaving Android So Soon? Registration Starts January 2017!


Samsung is serious about developing apps. The South Korean giant is willing to pay $9 million of cash for the developers of mobile apps to take part in the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program.

Tizen Mobile App Incentive for mobile apps developers

For nine consecutive months, April to October 2017, Samsung is giving away $10,000 each month for apps that manage to be in top 100 chart, Endgaget reported. It seems that the tech company wants to ensure that its upcoming Tizen-OS has all the best quality apps.

Tizen-OS features

Tizen-OS is said to bring intuitive experience to the device. It looks similar to the UI that Samsung has developed, the TouchWiz. For the developers, the operating system is based on HTML 5. Meaning, it will take a shorter time to develop the content. Moreover, it is a cost-effective procedure according to Trusted Reviews.

As for the mobile user, there should be a better support without plugins when viewing videos on YouTube. Tizen-OS offers much better web apps for the devices.

Samsung handsets running Tizen-OS

The upcoming handhelds that will run Tizen-OS include Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. Plus, a rumored smartphone developed by Tizen that will also be introduced in 2017.

Many analysts have speculated that Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program is Samsung's plan to leave Android but it could also mean a great-investment move by the company in the uncertain future of technology.

The hefty cash prize is surely not to be missed especially for interested parties that could come up with cool apps made for Tizen-OS devices.

Apps developers who want to give it a try - Samsung opens the registration in January 2017. Devs can sign up for the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program to find out more about the information.

Check out Tizen-OS preview on a Samsung device below!

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