Thinking Of A Career In Music? These Are The Highest Paid Women In Music This Year


What does it take to become a popular singer, musician, song writer or artist? These ten women can agree it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There are those who are thinking of a career in music. Several individuals find their passion in music. And it takes a whole lot of practice and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Aside from gaining education through colleges, music academies and universities, most students look to their idols for information. And there are times that knowing how much they earn can prompt them to fight further and work harder for their dreams.

Here are the top five highest paid women, according to CNW.

1. Starting with the top spot, Taylor Swift rakes in a whopping $170 million for this year alone. It mostly came from her album sales, tours and celebrity product endorsements. Swift proves that success can take you anywhere. She is the perfect example of using her gifts and experiences to fuel her music and be able to relate that to today's generation.

2. Adele only made half of what Swift made, with just $80.5 million. Her cool earnings also came from her massive album sales. Although "Hello" was the best selling album of the year, she only plays second to Swift. Like Swift, she also uses her personal struggles as her subject in her songs.

3. Madonna only earns a little less than Adele with $76.5 million. Most of her income this year came from her Rebel Heart Tour.

4. The fourth spot goes to Rhianna. Although some reports indicate that her talent fee is bigger than her album sales, she was only able to get the fourth spot this year with $75 million. Most of it came from her endorsements from Dior, Puma and Samsung, and of course her hit singles.

5. Not to be outdone, the Queen B makes the fifth spot with $54 million. Most of her income came from her tours. Beyonce's "Lemonade" album did rank number one but she didn't make the cut this year even with her Formation World tour.

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