Pokemon Sun And Moon Leak Reveals A Big Story, Sun And Moon To Give Pokemon A Much Needed Boost?


Pokemon GO news have been emerging at increasing rate lately, receiving numerous updates over the last few months. The latest on Pokemon Sun and Moon's exclusive version has just leaked over a week ahead of the game's official release date.

Still, the biggest story leak comes from a YouTube user who just uploaded information from the Sun and Moon demo data mine last month. Kaphoyics is back, but this time with lots of information about the new Pokemon found in Sun and Moon. Kaphoyics' video starts with more detailed information -- from stats to some of the most interesting moves they're capable of learning

According to GameSpot, Pokemon Sun players will have the Fighting-type lemur Passimian, the legendary majestic psychic lion Solgaleo, the Midday form of Rock wolf Lycanroc, the shelled Fire-Dragon type Turnator, UB-02 Absorption and the Alolan variants of Vulpix and Ninetails.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Moon players will get and enjoy the Chinese dragon Drampa, the elusive Sandshrew and Sandslash's Alolan forms, the beautiful flying psychic Lunala, UB-02 Beauty, the Psychic orangutan Oranguru and the Lycanroc's Midnight form.

The very popular location-based, augmented reality game has received numerous updates over the last few months, along with minor tweaks such as the rollout of the Buddy System and even a new color templates for the Pokemon eggs.

Despite those numerous updates that the game has received, avid fans are still requesting for more. Fans hope that developer Niantic would release a notable update in the future, one that could definitely revolutionize the mobile game.

That might happen because Niantic has something big this coming Nov. 18, the official release date of Pokemon Sun and Moon's version-exclusive Pokemon.

Developer Niantic believes that the upcoming Sun and Moon's version exclusive update would also give Pokemon GO a much-needed boost in the market, offering players some fresh content and nice features for the otherwise declining mobile game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release worldwide on November 18, while EU players will have to wait until November 23 to get the big update.

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