Scientific Ways to Fight Stress, Fear and Anxiety


Surprisingly enough, public speaking is said to be one of the greatest fears of many individuals alongside sickness and death. It could be an exaggeration but many people would surely agree.

If you would notice, there is that certain feel of apprehension when you are getting ready to speak up or do a performance in public. But if you feel panic in situations like this, there are scientific tricks that you can practice to calm your brain down and be able to overcome stress, fear and anxiety.

  •  Breathing deeply. When you breathe deeply, you are activating your body's relaxation response
  •  Increase your exposure to the things that you are scared of. If it is public speaking then you have to be more comfortable with it. This is important because it will improve the way you relate to your fears.
  •  Recognize the reasons behind your fears so that you will understand why you have them. Try to decide and realize if your fears have something to do with your current situation.
  •  Look at your anxiety at a different perspective and think about it as excitement. Those people who were able to master this trick were better public speakers and singers.
  •  Recognize that you are doing well at the moment. It is normal to feel constantly fearful because your brain keeps on telling you that something bad might happen. You can fight it by telling yourself that nothing bad is going to happen now.
  •  Try to always consider yourself as if you are playing games. This way, you can be convinced that if something goes wrong, the chances are endless for you to try again.
  •  Drink coffee regularly. A study suggests that drinking coffee is helpful and effective when it comes to dealing with stressful situations.

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