University of Edinburgh’s HypED Working On SpaceX Hyperloop Challenge


The students of University of Edinburgh are ready for the Hyperloop challenge. Elon Musk's challenge to the world to create a transportation system that can carry people from point A to point B at a short period of time is taking the scientific world by storm. Will these students from U of Edinburgh be able to carry a passenger through a propulsing capsule down a long tube in vacuum state at the, or near the speed of sound?

And a team at the University of Edinburgh is making a design that could travel 300 meters per second. Their Hyperloop pod design is planned to carry individuals from point A to point B at 1200 km/hr inside the frictionless Hyperloop tube.

The team teases that their dream of making the ride from London to Edinburgh is going to be possible in just 40 minutes, cites Student News Paper. This team calls themselves HypED. HypED is an interdisciplinary group of students from Edinburgh who got together last year to work on SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's Hyperloop design challenge.

SpaceX has awarded HypED at Texas, USA for their passenger friendly design. The pod interior is something that other competitors have not even thought of. The team designed a comfortable reclining chair and the chair slides the passenger into the pod.

Hyperloop One, the long tube that will house the pods, is already out at the United Arab Emirates. Elon Musk himself is working on Hyperloop One, along with his friends at Tesla and SpaceX. Its earlier version was showcased at the Nevada desert using a metal sled. Next year, Hyperloop is going to become the most technologically advanced mode of transport designed to move its subjects rapidly to any point in the world.

The team is hoping to reach the final Hyperloop round and would be able to test their prototype. Like many universities and colleges, U of Edinburgh needs funding for their dream to become a reality.

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