SpaceX Hyperloop Video Teaser Features 12 Minute Travel Time In Hyperloop One


How fast does it take for a person to get to Dubai from Abu Dhabi? For Hyeprloop One, it might just take 12 minutes.

Elon Musk's challenge to the world to create a transportation system that can carry people from point A to point B at a short period of time is taking the scientific world by storm. Hyperloop One is already making its way in fast speeds at the United Arab Emirates.

Hyperloop One is a long high tech transportation tube system that gains its speed from light weight, carbon fiber capsules. These capsules are fitted with sensors to monitor safety and stabilization. Hyperloop One is fast but not as fast as a speeding bullet. It clocked a top speed of 1200 km/hr, cites CNET.

The promo video for Hyperloop One teases the following travel times.

1. Travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

2. Dubai to Doha in 23 minutes.

3. Dubai to Muscat in 27 minutes.

4. And Dubai to Riyadh in just 48 minutes.

The travel time between these UAE cities would take over an hour for train travel and more than two hours by bus. Hyperloop hopes to replace trains and planes for people to travel between point A to point B in less amount of time than normal.

Elon Musk himself is supporting Hyperloop One, along with his friends at Tesla and SpaceX. Its earlier version was showcased at the Nevada desert using a metal sled. The track clocked 53 mph in a single second. Hyperloop is going to become the most technologically advanced mode of transport designed to move its subjects rapidly to any point in the world.

Universities, colleges, research teams and more are all vying for the chance to win the Hyperloop competition set by SpaceX's own Elon Musk. Undergraduates, graduates and experts are all working on their own designs that can work in Musk's hyperloop. Many of them are experimenting with magnetism and levitation.

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