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MacBook Pro With Touch Bar, iOS incorporates Touch; Expensive But In-Demand? [VIDEO]


Mac users are finding the Touch Bar of the newest MacBook Pro as an essential addition to improve a laptop user's experience. The Touch Bar found just above the keyboard features touch shortcuts that firmly established the influence of Apple on user interfaces, which fully embrace user's ease and comfort.

The Touch Bar is reminiscent of the macros of old, which are used to speed up a task or a particular process. This is accomplished through a single instruction that could give a series of follow-up instructions until the process is complete.

Now the Touch Bar is powered by iOS, which could also be an omen for future Apple products. It may be likely that iOS will be standard in many mobile devices in the years to come as it is succesfully merged with macOS in the new MacBook Pro.

The Touch Bar gives important tools to Mac users. It is widely known that the core users of Apple's MacBook belongs to the creative community. These are the people who are willing to spend more in return for a wide range of functionalities that no other laptop can accomplish.

Now the Touch Bar enables Mac users access to various functions, all within applications that are supported. Many software developers are looking into Touch Bar-compatibility with Adobe and Photoshop in the lead. Microsoft also plans to support the Touch Bar APIs in many or most of its Mac applications, PC Mag India reported.

This direction of incorporating touch to the MacBook Pro may have been against the philosophy of Steve Jobs, who never thought of using touch for the Mac. Touch was only for the smartphones and tablets while the keyboard and the mouse is for the Mac.

However, technology offers new innovations and it has done just that with the newest MacBook Pro with Retina Touch Bar. The only drawback is that the new integration resulted in the most expensive MacBook ever produced. Nonetheless, the MacBook Pro is still highly in-demand.

In fact, Apple has experienced a surge on the pre-order sale for its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, according to 9to5 Mac. The Cupertino giant announced last Oct. 27 that it will be taking pre-orders and shipment of the product will be on Nov. 17. Now Apple is saying that shipment may take four to five weeks due to the high demand as compared to the two to three weeks earlier announcement.

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