iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool from Pangu is Hopeless; Hackers Discover New Ways to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod, iPad? [VIDEO]


Pangu has remained tight-lipped about iOS 10 jailbreak tool, thus, netizens speculate that the Chinese developer team has given up to the enhanced security features of Apple operating system. However, aside from Pangu, there is a group of hacker who discover new ways how to jailbreak iPhone, iPod and iPad. Check it out!

Pangu's Silence Means One Thing

Pangu normally releases a jailbreak tool two to three weeks after Apple released its newest beta. But this time, things have been slower from Pangu's end because it's been a month and no iOS 10 jailbreak tool has been released from the team.

For this reason, netizens started to speculate that the notorious hacker Pangu has already raised the white flag and had stop looking for ways to deliver an iOS 10 jailbreak tool. According to Neurogadget, the newly released iOS 10.0.2 has brought some improvements and bug fixes and this might be the cause of the delay of iOS 10 jailbreak from Pangu.

 Hackers Discover New iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool

Despite Pangu's silence, another group of hackers have been constantly working around into breaking in the Apple iOS 10. According to Mobipicker, the team named themselves as Unlock-Jailbreak team and claimed that their newly developed iOS 10 jailbreak tool works even better compared to the ones developed by Pangu.

Furthermore, the team also claimed that their iOS 10 jailbreak tool is safe and will not do any harm to the device. But knowing the risks of jailbreaking, users are advised to take precautionary steps especially those who are not technically well-equipped before the jailbreak attempt.

Aside from the alleged working iOS 10 jailbreak from Unlock-Jailbreak team, another hacker named Luca Todesco has reported to have successfully jailbreak the running iOS 10.1.1 in iPhone 7. However, this claim has not been verified and Todesco has not released any jailbreak tool even before, thus, it is concluded that the claim is not true.

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