‘One Punch Man Season 2’ Confirmed: Episode 1 Features Saitama & Garou Battle; Lord Boros Returns for Revenge? [VIDEO]


The most-talked "One Punch Man Season 2" is confirmed for next year's airing and fans started to speculate on what will happen next. Rumors about the plots of the story are keep on coming out starting with the battle between Saitama and Garou with additional twist about Lord Boros come back for revenge.

"One Punch Man Season 2" Episode 1 Spoiler

Rumor mills are starting to grind for "One Punch Man Season 2" most especially that the second installment was already confirmed by the staff of the Japanese anime during the One Punch Man Festival in Tokyo according to Screen Rant.  For this reason, fans started to speculate that the protagonist of the story, Saitama will face three villains as the story unfolds.

Garou, Amai Mask and Lord Boros are among the three rumored villains that will fight Saitama in the second season. Rumors suggest that Garou the Hero Hunter will be the first one to fight Saitama in the premiere episode of "One Punch Man Season 2".

Garou, in his human strength is known as the slayer of S-Class heroes. The Hero Hunter is known for having strength similar to Saitama because of the trainings that he undergone.

On the other hand, the rematch between Lord Boros and Saitama is also rumored to be part of "One Punch Man Season 2" It can be recalled that Lord Boros has been defeated by Saitama in the last episode of season one. Amai Mask is the third rumored villain to test Saitama's strength in the second season but there is no further information revealed regarding the said villain.

"One Punch Man Season 2" Air Date

Fans of the popular Japanese manga have been waiting for months for "One Punch Man Season 2" airing date. Previous rumors said that the second season will air in November; however, due to the limited information regarding the airing date, fans started to speculate that "One Punch Man Season 2" will be air early in 2017, according to Japan Today

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