'Killing Floor 2' PS4 Pro News & Update: Trailer Released; Game Goes In Open Beta [VIDEO]


The impact of zombies in pop culture has never been more felt than in video games. As such, fans can't get enough of zombie-themed video games as they anticipate any news and update regarding the release of the upcoming zombie-survival first-person shooter game, "Killing Floor 2."

Tripwire Interactive announced the development of "Killing Floor 2" two years ago after the franchise garnered some success from its retailed predecessor back in 2009. The Roswell, Georgia-based game studio is planning to release the sequel this November on both the PS4 and Microsoft Windows.

In recent news, David Hensley went on to post over at PlayStation Blog details regarding the release of the PS4 Pro trailer for the "Killing Floor 2," wherein he explained the things fans can expect from the game's performance in relation to the advanced specs the platform has to offer.

Hensley went on to state that the specs under the PS4 Pro's hood has allowed the studio to raise the resolution, memory, and performance of the "Killing Floor 2." He started it off by pointing out to gamers having a 4k TV and a PS4 Pro that the highly-anticipated sequel will be able to run at a higher 1080p resolution that is up-scaled to a 4k 2160p resolution. All in all, the level in environment details and definition of the game's aesthetics can be stretched to its fullest.

He then talked about how the PS4 Pro's extra memory allowed the game to make full use of its ultra textures. As such, fans can experience "Killing Floor 2" at higher resolutions with crisper dynamic shadows and a smoother anti-aliasing, without any compromise whatsoever to the game's performance.

Lastly, David Hensley has also announced news of the game's multiplayer-online. It was stated therein that a PS4 multiplayer open beta has already begun on Nov. 4 until the sixth. News and update for this was detailed by Hensley pointing out that the open beta will feature two multiplayer modes (Survival and Versus Survival), three maps, an offline training mission, nine Perk Classes and fourteen Characters.

Since the game caught the eyes of critics and fans alike, it was previously reported that "Killing Floor 2" will be gorier than the original, thanks to the "dynamic gore system" called M.E.A.T. (Massive Evisceration and Trauma), Gamerant reported.

In light of the recent news and update regarding the visual enhancements brought by the PS4 Pro and the M.E.A.T gore system of the game, fans can only expect great things fomr "Killing Floor 2" as it gets released this November.

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