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'Ghost in the Shell' News, Updates, Spoilers: Film to Stray From Original Animated Series? Feature Film to Focus on 'The Kuze Story'


The live-action version of popular Japanese anime film, "Ghost in the Shell," is finally coming to Hollywood soon. It's recently released its first trailer featuring "The Avengers" star Scarlett Johanssen, delivering an vicious invisible uppercut to an unknown thug.

Does this mean the feature film will stray from the original animated film, and instead depend on the anime series?

What the trailer shows

In the 13-second trailer for "Ghost in the Shell," Johansson, who plays Major Kusanagi in the film, is shown -- or rather, invisibly -- giving an uppercut to an enemy. She then sheds off the invisibility and the date November 13, 2016 appears on the screen, the release date for the first full trailer for the anticipated film.

Fans of the franchise would recall that Paramount Studios first announced a live-action film for "Ghost in the Shell" sometime in 2015. According to, it's adapted from the original anime series rather than the original animated film. This means that the movie will be dealing with the Kuze story from the series.

However, both the trailer and the official synopsis were in stark contrast to these reports. In fact, the trailer seems to be a direct nod to the 1995 "Ghost in the Shell" film instead, A.V. Club reported. Moreover, the official synopsis revealed that the film will follow the Major, a human-cyborg, who must deal with an extremist group who wishes to eradicate cyber technology.

Several reports confirmed that the new "Ghost in the Shell" will be dealing with the original Kuze story in the franchise. It's a little complex, but suffice it to say that the general plot involves political and ideological clashes as well as the aftermath of World War IV.

Issues with whitewashing

Fans would also remember that the film earlier faced controversy over hiring Scarlett Johansson for the film. Outraged netizens accused the studio and the showrunners for whitewashing, as it snubbed several capable Asian women who could have played the Major's role.

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