PS3 System Update 4.81 Now Available for Download [VIDEO]


The PS3 System now makes its update available to be downloaded for all of its users.

Owners can now download the recent PS3 system update 4.81, but this does not come with any major updates. The PlayStation 3 system software update, which was released on Nov. 1, is only 200MB, but no other special feature was announced to come along with it.

It is said that once the system update will be installed, the system software will be updated into version 4.81. The update, which requires a free storage space of 200MB on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive or on removable storage for the PC update, promises a better system performance once it is installed, Attack of the Fan Boy reported.

It can therefore be concluded that this system update is just one of the many usual stability updates that are being released from time to time. It would be better to have this update installed as soon as possible, so that access to the PlayStation Store and playing of online video games will be allowed. There will still be many more updates which gamers will see for the console in the next few months.

If a user opens a game, an update prompt may pop up, which is why it is necessary to perform a system software update so that the game could start immediately. To perform this update, select Yes then press the button to start the update. There will be a set of on-screen instructions on how to finish the update, Play Station noted.

The system update is successful once the version number will be displayed. Some models of the PS3 may require a compatible USB adaptor to be able to make use of a storage media. Many users are already using the PS4 console, especially since Sony had just recently released the PS4 Pro console.


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