'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers, News & Updates: Toei Animation Surprise Revealed; 'Dragon Ball Super' Gets Funimation English Dub! [VIDEO]


In a tweet posted last Thursday, Nov. 3, Toei Animation teased a surprise was coming for "Dragon Ball Super." The timing could not have been better as a major turning point was about to unfold in the ongoing plot of the anime series. Fans almost immediately took to social media trading theories and discussing the so-called surprise.

A few presumed it to be the return of Vegito in Super Saiyan Blue, while some speculated it was news of the next story arc involving the Multi-verse Tournament. However, the few that calmly stated that it was, in fact, Funimation's English dub, were proven correct.

Funimation and Toei Animation have announced that the "Dragon Ball Super" English dub was in production. Even though Funimation has not revealed the release date for the dub, they are already adding the English subtitled copies of the anime. Episodes 1-10 and 47-64 will be appearing in their library and episodes 11-46 will follow after they have received their subtitles, IGN reported.

On top of that, Funimation also announced that they're simulcasting the lastest episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" anime starting this weekend. They went on stating that they will be handling streaming and digital downloads, as well as home video distribution for the United States and Canada.

For those unfamiliar with the "Dragon Ball" anime franchise, Akira Toriyama's "Super" takes place approximately 18 years after "Z." According to Funimation's synopsis, Goku had adopted a completely different lifestyle as a radish farmer. This directly followed the defeat of Majin Buu. Earth was at peace and the heroes have settled into normal lives. However, Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, awoke to a prophecy. A prophecy that a Super Saiyan God would defeat him. This brought him to Earth, now Goku and his friends are once again called to action, Crunchyroll reported.

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