Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier Pro with OLED Displays Will Go On Sale In China [VIDEO]


Xiaomi now expands its line of products into air purifiers. Xiaomi is a company that is known, not only for manufacturing smartphones, but by also producing routers, sensible scales, drones, VR headsets, TVs, and other gadgets. Their recently launched product is the Mi Air Purifier 2 is the first product of the company that is not a smartphone and was launched in India.

However, the Mi Air Purifier has already been in existent for the Chinese market for its third generation already. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is sold at the price of CNY 1499 in China, but it will be on sale on Nov. 11. Its front part features an OLED, thus there is no need to check for an app that supports the function of viewing the purifier's readings, as reported by Geek World.

The OLED can allow users to see real-time air high quality, since it utilizes the PM2.5 focus scale for particulate matter, humidity, and temperature. The purifier has a colored LED ring across its show, thus it light colors adjust depending on the air high quality like green for good, orange for acceptable and purple for poor air high quality, according Dec Can Chronicle.

The Mi Air Air purifier Professional OLED has a computerized brightness setting that ensures clear display of its show at any time of the day. The quality of the air in your home can however be monitored on the Mi Home app.

The Mi Air Air purifier has also a bigger size, with 735x200x260mm, and a weight of 9.7kg. This unit has a newly-designed air movement path and strain system.No details were released yet regarding the launching of the Mi Air Purifier Pro in India, however, this unit is worth the wait as it comes with it a new path and pressure system.


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