Google Pixel, Xperia XZ, iPhone 7: Which Should You Buy? [VIDEO]

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This review is not for iPhone loyal users, Android faithful or Sony-minded person; however, if you're just planning to purchase one of the premium devices, read first before you buy.

Google Pixel, Xperia XZ, iPhone 7: Camera

While the three flagships pride themselves for having the best camera, no one would notice the differences of the three image results, unless you're a professional photographer entering a photo competition. However, when it comes to the camera's technical aspect, Google Pixel may come as the winner.

Starting with its 12.3 MP of rear camera, Google Pixel manages to capture better photos than the iPhone 7 with the same rear camera quality. It does incredible job in bringing the accurate color productions into details, while the iPhone 7 camera results a more subtle picture. Thanks to the EIS software, the Pixel is able to shoot steadily. Xperia XZ camera is extremely smart with upgraded functions (if you dedicate your time to walk through each one of them), but when compared to Pixel, the Pixel's 'auto-HDR-mode' camera has better dynamic range. Other than that, Xperia XZ is a solid choice.

Pixel and iPhone 7 lacks memory slot, but Google Photo lets you store unlimited amount of files in the cloud storage for free. This would be benefit for the selfie addicts, too!

Google Pixel, Xperia XZ, iPhone 7: Performance

People expect Google Pixel to be much faster than the iPhone 7 and Xperia XZ given the latest chipset under the hood but it turns out that the iPhone 7 ranks the first in benchmark test, followed by Pixel and Xperia XZ. It seems that Apple A10 fusion chipset manages to beat its competitor, Snapdragon 821 (in Pixel) and Snapdragon 820 (in Xperia XZ), GSM Arena reported.

Again, there is no considerable difference in the speed but it would affect the user experience, especially if you are a heavy multi-tasker.

Google Pixel, Xperia XZ, iPhone 7: Operating System

The selling point of Android would be the customizable system and apps - something that iOS can't do up to a certain degree. Pixel phone brings pure Android experience to the table whilst Xperia XZ has its own Xperia UI to bring even an better experience, Android Authority reported.

Google Pixel, Xperia XZ or iPhone 7?

Sony, being a premium player, sells Xperia XZ at $699 and ridiculously $717 for the black variant. Google Pixel as the top rival of iPhone 7 may be the best buy among the three with its $649 pricetag.

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