Sega Gives 'Daytona' Major Revamp: See How 'Daytona 3 Championship USA' Will Look Like.


Game developer Sega made a huge headline this week after leaving subtle hints about the new "Daytona USA" arcade. Sega Amusements' official Twitter account teased fans with the new game by sharing an image that shows the previous arcade game entries in the racing series.

Sega also posted a short video announcing the racing game's appearance for the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo event. On Tuesday, Sega has finally announced to the world a new Daytona USA sequel, the "Daytona 3 Championship USA." 

The new Daytona arcade game, which is based on new cars and game modes, will feature a 47" LED monitors, ARS Technica notes. It will come with three new tracks joining a recreation of the newly revamped Daytona International Speedway in a game that's taking its cues from the original 1990s Daytona USA game.

The new "Daytona 3" also has a Live TV feature that lets passersby witness key moments in racing. It can support linking up to eight cabinets for head-to-head local multiplayer. In addition to the gaming modes and Live TV features, there is also a live in-game camera that feeds to the 27″ video billboard.

First introduced in 1994, Daytona USA is a racing video game developed and released by Sega. At the time of its release, Daytona USA was considered as the industry's most visually detailed 3D racing game and has quickly become an arcade favorite.

It was one of the first video games to feature filtered, texture-mapped polygons, providing the most detailed graphics yet seen in a video game at that time.The game's last big release was the HD remake that came to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2011.

No word yet on the official release date of the new Daytona game, but according to IGN it might be too far. Gamers have to wait until this month's upcoming IAAPA big event to learn more about the new arcade game.

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