iPad Mini 5 News & Updates: Rebranded as 7.9-inch iPad Pro Mini; Coming to Store Shelves in March 2017 [VIDEO]


There is an ongoing rumor that Apple might have killed off the iPad Mini series and put it under the iPad Pro line-up. If the rumors are true, iPad Mini 5 could be rebranded as the 7.9-inch iPad Pro, which is ready to hit the store shelves in March 2017.

7.9-inch iPad Pro or iPad Pro Mini

Many have been utterly confused if what should Apple call its new iPad Mini 5. Some say it would be the 7.9-inch iPad Pro and others would say that it will simply be called as iPad Pro Mini; however, since the 7.9-inch screen is not accountable for productivity, it is perceived that Apple will do away with 'Pro' suffix from the smallest iPad, according to PC Advisor.

7.9-inch iPad Pro (iPad Pro Mini) Features

Though there is no valid information as to the features of the upcoming iPad Pro Mini 5 or the 7.9-inch iPad Pro, loyal Apple fans have started making out their wish list of features. One of the features that the fans wish to see is the 3D Touch mounted in a pressure-sensitive screens, similar to iPhone 6s generation, MacWorld reported.

Furthermore, iPad Mini 5 is also expected to eliminate the headphone jack, which has started in iPhone 7. Losing the audio jack means saving space, thus, allowing Apple to come off with a slimmer iPad Mini 5.

In addition, fans are also expecting the iPad Mini 5 to have longer battery life by increasing the battery capacity coupled with its ability on fast charging. It can be recalled that the previous iPad Mini-series have issues on shorter battery life.

7.9-inch iPad Pro (iPad Pro Mini) Release Date

Announcements on new iPad Mini 5 have been expected from the two Apple events in September and October, but the tech giant remained tight-lipped on what's to come for the device. However, a reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou revealed that iPad Mini 5 or the 7.9-inch iPad Pro will be launch in March 2017 alongside the bigger iPad Pros lineup. 

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