Apple iOS 10.1.1 Released: Restores the Health Data but Will Prevent Pangu, Others from iOS 10 Jailbreak [VIDEO]


The newly released iOS 10.1.1 system update addresses the concerns of the users over the deleted health data from iOS 10. This appears good to those health conscious individuals but seems like bad news to the jailbreaking community, since the latest patch signifies another delay in releasing an iOS 10 jailbreak tool, most especially from Pangu.

Apple iOS 10.1.1 Features

Apple has been quick in addressing the users concerns over the deleted health data, thus, resulted to the rushed released of a new system update iOS 10.1.1. According to 9 to 5 Mac, a simple bug fix is the main feature of the new system patch that rolls out to iPod touch, iPad and iPhone devices.

Since iOS 10.1.1 is under 100MB, there are no major features included in the latest system patch. However, this is a big deal for those who keep track on their hours slept, steps walked and heart rates which are gathered from Apple Watch.

The system update will let the users view the health data again which are not actually deleted but just hidden. Apple iOS 10.1.1 beta can be downloaded from iOS Software Update Tool that weighs for only 64MB.

Apple iOS 10.1.1 Will Prevent Pangu Jailbreak Tool

The security lapses found in the previous versions of iOS have paved the way for Pangu and other developers to come up with an iOS jailbreak tool. The latest tool to come out was for iOS 9.3.3 which was developed by Chinese team of developers, the popular Pangu.

However, Apple has been clever these days for releasing two iOS system updates in just a matter of month that could hamper whatever progress done in jailbreak tool most especially for the iOS 10. Aside from Apple's clever way of dealing their cards, the Cupertino tech giant has said to include some fixes to security holes, according to The Register.

On the other hand, Apple has also released system updates for OS X, Apple TV and Apple Watch to address the security concerns from the previous version, though Apple iOS 10.1, which was released last week, has already provided bug fixes on the vulnerability of the mobile operating system. 

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