United States Presidents Had Weird Jobs Before The Office


Many of us had odd jobs. Be it working at the food stand while still in school for extra cash, or being employed while still studying to pay for tuition. But some people actually get employed to do odd labor.

Did you know that even the person with the highest position in the country, like the United States President, had odd jobs before they came into office?

While many people today try to enroll in technical schools, colleges and universities to earn a degree for a path to a better job and future career, some U.S. Presidents have held down jobs that does not even require a degree. While some actually made a great career with their degrees.

Here are some U.S. Presidents that had odd jobs (at the time) before becoming the POTUS:

Herbert Hoover

Hoover was a mining engineer before he came into office. He served as the POTUS between 1929 and 1933. He mined for gold and silver in Asia, and even took in contracts in China and Australia. Plus, he actually wrote a book about mining engineering.

Harry Truman

Truman sold men's clothes and accessories. He was what, at the time, they called a haberdasher. This POTUS was very particular about clothes. He would rather choose a tailor made double breasted suit over the others.

Jimmy Carter

Carter was a peanut farmer before he was in office (in 1977-1981). He took over the family peanut business. He also served in the Navy.

Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt was a cowboy before he became POTUS. He served in the office from 1901 and 1909. He worked for two years as a cowboy. His responsibility was to drive cattle and capture criminal outlaws in the ranch.

James Garfield

Garfield was a classics professor. But he did not like the job as much because of conflicts.

Interestingly, according to CBS News, even becoming President of the United States does not require a college degree.

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