iPad Air 3 Hardware Specs, Release Date, Retail Price Rumors: Apple Planning To Cancel iPad Air Series? [VIDEO]

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Apple is reportedly planning to scrap the iPad Air series which means no more iPad 3. However, in case that's not true, here are some of the likely specs including the rumored release date and retail price.

Is Apple Canceling the iPad Air Series?

These rumors are getting stronger every time Apple makes a product presentation that doesn't include the iPad Air 3. The current model is now two years old and should have been replaced with a newer model, according to devoted iPad Air fans. However, the absence of any confirmation from the Cupertino Company may also indicate that it's not prepared to put the iPad Air series to rest. It may simply mean that Apple is not ready to launch a new iPad Air 3 just yet. Currently, the Apple official site is still selling the iPad 2 model.

Expected Hardware Specs For The iPad Air 3

Many believed that the iPad Air series is finished when Apple launched the new iPad Pro (9.7 inches). Its light and thin feature has convinced many iPad enthusiasts that the Pro and Air has somewhat been merged.

If an iPad Air 3 is really coming, it would have to be thinnest of all them all. That would not be an easy feat to pull off. Apple may have to sacrifice a number of features including decreasing the size of the batteries. This would relegate the iPad Air 3 with very little computing power compared to the iPad Pro models.

When And How Much Will An iPad Air 3 Cost?

Autumn is the most likely reveal date if Apple intends to sell an iPad Air 3 just in time for the Christmas holidays. However, it seems unlikely that a reveal will happen this year, according to Macworld. The next likely date is on March 2017. These are all speculations and rumors at best. Fans of the iPad Air 3 would have to wait for Apple's official announcement regarding the upcoming product's fate.

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