Xiaomi Mi Mix is Not All Pretty: 3 Reasons Why It's Not Worth The Hype [VIDEO]


Xiaomi just launched a concept phone, Mi Mix - a stunning edgeless device that is said to be a 'copy' of the rumored iPhone 8 design. The tech crowd are now paying a close attention to the Chinese smartphone and its cutting-edge build. Is Mi Mix worth the hype?

Xiaomi Mi Mix is not that edgeless

As far as the rumor is concerned, Apple is planning to launch bezel-less iPhone 8 in 2017. However, before it even comes to fruition, Xiaomi surprised everybody with Mi Mix all-screen panel, a few days ago.

On paper, Mi Mix offers 83.6 percent screen-to-body ratio with its 6.4-inch display. It's got a resolution of 1080 x 2040 pixels (362 ppi). The almost-edgeless screen is a revolutionary design for the Apple of China and tech crowds should give it a thumb up.

However, when looking into the detail of the design and build, the new flagship is more similar to Sony Xperia series - a rectangular shape smartphone that is sleek and sturdy but lacking of gracefulness.

The image below compares the promotional image and the reality side-by-side and it seems to have a noticeable difference.  

Xiaomi Mi Mix is not that affordable

Where have all the budget-phones gone? Xiaomi seems to be aiming at a higher market segment this time as the Mi Mix is priced at around $520, The National reported. It is available exclusively in China on Nov. 4. This means that consumers in other regions might have to pay extra for the shipping cost.

Xiaomi Mi Mix is that heavy

The 209 grams phone may look terrific when held but not when carried. It is not the most ergonomic phone you'll find. Moreover, the ceramic at the back panel is quite slippery and since the screen is not fully protected, it is better not to drop it.

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