Microsoft Supports STEM Education Through Outreach Program: Cloud Technology Platform Tapped As Partner? [VIDEO]


Microsoft gives full-blown support to STEM Education through its outreach program. This time, it involves tapping the Cloud technology platform for a solid partnership.

Microsoft has literally reached heights with its outreach program made visible by the "Microsoft Philanthropies" sticking to its commitment of donating $1 billion dollars in Cloud computing technology resources to non-profit and non-governmental organizations over 3 years.

By all means, Microsoft takes all chances no matter how thin, to materialize its corporate social responsibility. With its latest Education outreach program, it taps the Cloud technology as partner in order to achieve a well-laid robotics education strategy for children/students among non-profit organizations. Ultimately, the money raised by the project will be directed to child hunger problems in Argentina, eWeek reported.

"Microsoft takes corporate social responsibility seriously. Across the company, we are working to apply the power of technology to ensure corporate responsibility, safeguard human rights and protect our planet. This commitment is central to why many of our employees come to work every day, and it impacts the type of products and services we develop", Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President of the Business and Corporate Responsibility in Microsoft wrote in Microsoft Blogs.

Meanwhile, in a separate discussion, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO indicated that the FIRST Robotics project funded by Microsoft is already on its way for use. Accordingly, the FIRST is a US-based non-profit organization used to get students interested in STEM. For an education outreach program as big as this, big data needed to be channeled through. Hence, came the assistance of Cloud computing.

As per update on the Cloud platform, much has definitely expanded in it. More so, the strengthened partnership in Cloud through IBM and CSC, made it an even bigger data tech platform to name, another eWeek article reported.

There is no denying that Cloud is the perfect partner for Microsoft in realizing such an ambitious project.

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