DePaul University Bans 'Unborn Lives Matter' Posters In Campus


DePaul University has banned a poster for the "Unborn Lives Matter" movement in its campus. Apparently, the design of the posters "provokes the Black Lives Matter movement."

Insider Higher Ed reported that the Republicans have accused DePaul University of censorship. The school noted, though, that it is open to the group; it was just the particular poster which seemingly takes on the BLM movement.

"Some people will say that DePaul's stance unfairly silences speech to appease a crowd," Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider, president at DePaul, said. "Nothing can be further from the truth. As we experienced last spring, it's not difficult to agree that there is a difference between a thoughtful discussion about immigration and a profane remark about Mexicans scrawled in the quad, or between a panel on racial climate and a noose -- a powerful symbol of violence and hatred -- outside a residence hall. In both recent cases, the first, we encourage; the second, we abhor."

According to The Washington Post, the poster's message could be about how abortion is killing more Blacks than police officers. As much as we focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and the death toll with the police, it was noted that people should also focus on the death toll brought about by abortion.

This is not the first time that DePaul University has been criticized for its policies. Last month, the school was slammed for charging student organizations to pay up for "free speech."

Administrators at DePaul University went under fire for the "free speech tax" that it imposed on political student organizations for discussion and lecture events. Some see this as a way to stifle freedom of expression.

According to Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), the school's promises to protect free expression are "meaningless." "Matters of social and political importance are often highly controversial," FIRE senior program officer Ari Cohn said. "If DePaul requires students to pay extra for the right to explore those ideas, DePaul's promises of free expression are utterly meaningless."

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