Davenport University Student Shot And Wounded During Fight In Campus

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A student from Davenport University has been shot and wounded when a fight broke out in a residence hall. Two students were involved in the altercation. reported that the fight happened at about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23. Along with the Davenport University students were four people who don't attend the school.

Apparently, one of the nonstudents fired the shot. It got through the wall and struck a student who was not involved in the fight. The wounded student has been treated at a hospital and was released.

According to WZZM 13, students and parents were concerned when news broke out of a shooting at Davenport University. "I didn't think it could happened at Davenport University," Brenda Gary said. "I was a little shocked and concerned."

Gary's daughter is a freshman at the university. She is living in the same hall where the student was shot.

It was noted that the suspects fled the scene. Authorities and campus security are currently investigating the situation and are following up on several leads.

"We have pretty thorough coverage with [security] cameras," Matt Miller, Davenport University's executive director of risk management, said. He also noted that students and their guests need security card access in order to enter the residence halls.

"I hope they get a lot more security on campus," Gary added. "And maybe pass out badges to visitors."

Davenport University has already notified students and their emergency contacts of the shooting. Notifications were sent through email, text and automated phone calls.

There have been several cases of school shootings. It was reported that the University of Illinois students and faculty were alerted when gunfire was heard on Sep. 25 on the 300 block of East Green Street in Champaign, Ill. The message warned the community to stay in their homes while those who were at the local campus bars were kept inside until it was safe to go out.

The Community Safety Notice emailed by the Division Public Safety revealed that four people were shot. Another person was hit by a car after trying to escape. One person, George Korchev of Mundelein, Ill., 22, died of the wounds from a fatal shot.

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