’Inferno’ Actor Tom Hanks Was A Dean’s Lister In College


Maybe you have already seen ''Inferno" hit theaters last week. And you have witnessed another one of Tom Hank's craft in acting. But he is successful in the industry for multiple movies already. His memorable one so far is his work in "Forrest Gump" as the lead actor.

Tom Hanks' work started since the early 1980's and he is now considered to be one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

But like most actors, the road to success was not easy, according to an article from the Sudbury Star. At a young age, he was unpopular at school with both students and the teachers. Tom remembers his childhood days, "I was a geek," he says. He also called himself a spaz. He was difficult to work with because he was very shy. And his family was not helpful either because they often move which made it difficult for him to make friends.

He did admit that he was a "Bible-toting" evangelical teenager. He explains that he had a religious upbringing. In high school he says he had a "serious born-again experience," he says. It was during that time that Tom Hanks discovered that he loved acting. He thanked God for his god-given talent and decided to pursue performing, both on and off the stage. By the time he hit high school he was awarded as the best actor in his class.

Envigorated with a sense of purpose, Hanks made the dean's list in college and went on to pursue studies in acting. Afterwards, he started to act in a television show titled "Bosom Buddies." And that's when he got his first ticket to success.

Now, he holds more box office hits that earned him a spot along with Hollywood's notable actors. His work on "Apollo 13," "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Da Vinci Code" are just some of the best. And with his recent work on "Inferno," it does not look like he is stopping anytime soon.

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