A SpaceX Hyperloop Design By University Of Cincinnati Students Works On Magnetic Levitation


Students from the University of Cincinnati created a Hyperloop Prototype that levitates. And the levitation factor comes from its magnetic ability.

University of Cincinnati's Hyperloop hover engine has the ability to levitate after an amazing demonstration was featured in the school's conference room. It works on eight miniature engines, according to Phys, gaining revolutions per minute, it powers the 14 foot Hyperloop pod.

Ultimately, it showed spectators a quarter-inch of magnetic levitation. The crowd at the University of Cincinnati's Myers Alumni Center celebrated for the team. It is a feat that over sixty UC students worked on. Graduate student Dhaval Shiyani took on the Hyperloop challenge in 2015 and began to gather students from different disciplines to join the race.

This will be their entry to the international Hyperloop competition that SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is hosting.

Previously, Elon Musk challenged the world to submit ideas, products and prototypes of a tube-based passenger system that will allow people to travel from point A to B at the speed of sound. This prototype from UC is just the beginning. The students will need to test their pod on January 27 to 29 at the mile long test track in Hawthorne, California where the SpaceX headquarters is. There are more than 1,200 teams joining this competition so far, globally.

Shiyani is proud of the design they made. When it comes to performance, this aerospace engineering graduate says that it hits all the marks when it comes to safety and performance. He credits the prototype to UC's education.

The eight electromagnetic hover engines allow the pod to levitate as it travels through a Hyperloop. They hope that their prototype will enable a change in transportation for the future. Imagine when your travel from Cincinnati to Chicago can be done in half an hour?

These students are on their way to ship their pod to California for preliminary track testing in early November ahead of the competition with 29 other teams in January of next year.

Is University of Cincinnati your bet for the Hyperloop competition?

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