'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Returns on Netflix, Plus Story Spoilers [VIDEO]


Since the premiere of "Jessica Jones" on Netflix in 2015, the series has satisfied the lack of female superheroes. The main character, Jessica, had experienced the struggle of being abducted, raped, and become a hostage inside her body by her abuser, Kilgrave.

Two months after its premiere, Marvel is glad to announce that "Jessica Jones" will be having a second season; however, it might still take some time before the series can have its anticipated return on Netfilx.

Despite having no concrete information regarding the release of the second season, there are reports saying that "Jessica Jones" will be arriving in early 2017. If fans are to consider "Daredevil" Season 1, it can be recalled that the series was released on April while its Season 2 arrived in mid-March. If this idea will be applied to "Jessica Jones," then it might come this October or November.

However, there was a long pause before "Jessica Jones" was renewed. Another conflicting factor is the "Luke Cage" series. If Marvel would release "Luke Cage" in summer, then there is a great possibility that "Jessica Jones" will be released on November. However, reports surfaced last month that "Luke Cage" will be coming in November, Cinema Blend reported.

There are several possible scenarios that might be happening in "Jessica Jones" Season 2, which might answer the questions raised from Season 1.One of the major mysteries left by Season 1 is the IGH organization that supplied Will Simpson with his Combat Enhancers. It was also the same organization that paid Jessica's medical bills, right after the car accident which killed her family. It was not yet clear if this organization was the main cause of the crash, or if the organization was the one who gave Jessica her special abilities.

Considering all of these, a connection could make a possible sense. Trish has obtained the files from her mother, so these will make them dig further for more information. There is also a possibility that IGH is responsible for the experiments that Kilgrave's parents are doing with him and to other children, according to Fansided.


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