Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Updates: Surface PC Features a Modular Design and 4K Display?[VIDEO]


The Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC is now within our grasp. Its release date is said to be on Oct. 26 in an event that will be hosted by Microsoft. On the contrary, Microsoft has not confirmed if there is truth to this information.

The rumors about this are already spread out, saying that the Microsoft All-In-One PC would be revealed along with other products. The Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC's objective is to make a match with the prospering market of 2-in-1 devices. Since there is a noticeable decline on the PC sales, Microsoft is trying to regain their motivation to have more use of the Windows 10. The Surface PC was originally designed as modular desktop computer with the fusion of the PixelSense table display and the equally-expensive Surface Hub. Reports from the Breathe Cast showed the following  details for the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC:


The Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC is said to have a 21-inch screen with 1920X1080p resolution and also has a touch screen display. Rumors have made it known that a higher end model will have a24-inch screen which is capable of supporting 4K videos,has its resolution leveled-up to 3680x2140p. There is no confirmation yet if this device will use the Kaby Lake processor, or will it still use run Skylake. An unconfirmed information about the device is its assumed use of the Nvidia's Pascal architecture, according to Tech Radar.


It is said that the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC will be sold at a price of around $999 or more.


Initial reports say that Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC features a detachable screen, because it has a modular design. It can then be used as a tablet for the purpose of case presentation or for entertainment use.

We will be releasing more information updates about the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC soon.


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