Sony Picks ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Alex Graves To Direct Another Live-Action Version of ‘Mulan’ [Video]


Director of some TV hit series, Alex Graves, is taking the helm for Sony's version of another live-action feature titled "Mulan."

Deadline scored an exclusive when Sony Pictures announced that they have picked Alex Graves to direct the live-action adaptation of "Mulan." The story is based on the exploits of a Chinese girl named Hua Mulan, who took her father's place and disguised as a man to fight for the Chinese Imperial Army.

Graves has directed some episodes of the hottest TV series such as "Shameless," "Homeland," "Bloodline," and "Game of Thrones." He also did work on "West Wing" and "House of Cards." Sony's "Mulan" is a Chinese co-production in partnership with Sony Pictures International Productions. The film will be pegged by Jason Keller while 2.0 Entertainment's Doug Belgrad will serve as co-financier and producer of the film.

This is not to be confused with the earlier announced Disney version. Disney happens to be making a live-action version of their own of the legendary Chinese heroine. Digital Spy clued us that Disney's version is an adaptation of the hit 1998 animated feature. This live-feature comes in the wake of the company's recent adaptations "Alice in Wonderland," "Maleficent" and "Cinderella."

Different sources reported that Ang Lee was approached by Disney to direct but gave it a pass. Rumors say that Lee might be working on the Sony version, but apparently, this is no longer an issue now that Graves is on board for Sony.

Aside from the fact that there will be two competing films about Hua Mulan, it is interesting to point out that both studios will actually cast Asian actors to play the parts. Disney announced they will scour the globe to find the Chinese girl who will play "Mulan."

This is a refreshing change, following whitewashing charges that are being thrown against Hollywood films. Films such as "Ghost in a Shell," which has Scarlett Johansson in the lead playing Motoko Kusanagi, "Doctor Stange" which has Tilda Swinton playing The Ancient One (an old Chinese man), "The Power Rangers," and the "Great Wall" now that Matt Damon will play the lead as directed by Zhang Yimou.

Sony's "Mulan" has no release date yet, while Disney's "Mulan" will hit theaters on Nov. 2, 2018 in 3D.


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