iOS 10 Jailbreak Remains Possible; Pangu Continues Working On Solutions [VIDEO]


Questions about the possibility to jailbreak iOS 10 and its versions are already circulating. So what really is the latest on jailbreak for Apple devices? iOS 10 experienced a tedious beta release cycle, considering that it generated a total of 8 beta seeds for developers and testers.

A GM seed followed prior to the release of the final version. Since Apple has already released their latest firmware for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, users are also curious if there is already an iOS 10 jailbreak release for their devices; however, the latest jailbreak solution that is available for now is only for iOS 9.3.3.

Owners of the said devices above are able to free their iPhone devices through the semi-untethered Pangu solution. To make countermeasures of this, Apple released iOS 9.3.4, and then released another iOS 9.3.5 that contains critical security patches, Reddit users has learned.

A certain developer has started working on a jailbreak solution for iOS 9.3.4, wherein it was supported by a demo video from another developer. However, there is no guarantee yet whether the addressed vulnerabilities in this jailbreak will work for iOS 10, but there is still a great possibility that these solutions will work with iOS 10, Redmond Pie reported.

iOS 10 is certainly jailbreakable since a demo video was made by developer iH8sn0w in June. The Pangu Team has even made its own version of the demo at MOSEC 2016. Developer Luca Tedesco also showed a jailbreak on iOS 10 beta 8. The main concern, however, is that all of these demos were done using the beta version of the iOS 10. It is possible that Apple has already made patches of the vulnerabilities of the iOS 10 before its final version.

Teams like Pangu are constantly working on the iOS 10 jailbreak solutions; however, the release date is not yet certain.


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