‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Is Negan Going to Kill Daryl Dixon?[VIDEO]


In the Season 7 of the "Walking Dead," somebody's brain will be wacked into the floor. This is not just about fans who have spent all summer just to know who Negan have killed.

Questions were raised by the TV Guide, asking if the victim is Glenn Rhee, the former pizza boy who have experience the same story in the comics where the show was based on. On the other hand, it could be Maggie Greene who was not looking too good when she was last seen. Although, there seemed to be reasons which are coming out that could hint her survival. One of these reasons is Magie being pregnant because i is so immoral to kill a pregnant woman. There is also a possibility that it is Abraham, who is a former military man,since he seemed to be cheeky until the end.

But, fans may ask what happens if Daryl Dixon dies? Actually, the answer is 'no'. It is obvious that the TV series cannot just let its lead actor vanish into the scene. This reason is already a good answer why it is not possible for him to die. Daryl is the face of the "Walking Dead" franchise. His face is everywhere - from books, video games, t-shirts, to action figures. This is one of the reason why he cannot be out of the show.

Fans will create a ruckus if Daryl dies because he embodies the motto of their fandom. So, it is possible that the worst things will happen to Daryl in the hands of Negan and his saviors. However,just like what the posters say, Negan is just simply starting with his game and probably, he will begin with Daryl. "The Walking Dead" will be returning to AMC on Oct. 23, Sunday at 9/8c, Up Roxx reported.

Meanwhile, it is definitely true that cast member or members may have exited the woodsy clearing. This is the same area where Negan assembled the Grimes Gang, with almost eight pounds taken off of their shoulders.


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