Attractive People Favored in Job Interviews over Non-Attractive Ones, Study


It is a known fact that attractive women are more favored in interviews! A new study further adds to the evidence.

Italian researchers from the University of Messina have found that attractive job applicants are more likely to proceed to the second round of job interviews. Good-looking ladies had 54 percent success rate when compared to the seven percent success rate for unattractive women.

Researchers arrived at the conclusion after sending out more than 11,000 fake resumes for 1,542 genuine job vacancies across Italy. They submitted eight resumes for each vacancy: four with a photo of an attractive or unattractive male or female, and four without any photos (two were Italians and two were foreigners).

They found that the average recall rate was 30 percent. Attractive ladies and gentlemen had a healthy callback rate of 54 and 47 percent respectively. On the other hand, poor recall rate was observed for unattractive applicants - seven percent for women and 26 percent for men.

Non-Italian applicants fared as badly as unattractive women. Only 13 percent and 12 percent of men and women moved ahead in the hiring process.

"We could say that if you want a job in Italy and you are not Italian, it will be difficult to find it, but it is always better to be a foreigner than to be an unattractive Italian woman," the researchers stated. "Thus searching for a job seems to be just like a beauty contest: it is better for unattractive women to invest on aesthetic surgery than in education."

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