Top 10 Colleges With The Most Applications


Applying for college may seem overwhelming and scary. However, you are not alone in this process. There are a lot of high school students who are going through the same application requirements as you.

Preparing for your college application should actually start as early as your freshman year in high school. You should map out your classes carefully and build your vocabulary so that you can set yourself apart from the thousands of candidates applying for your target school.

According to U.S. News, out of the 1,254 ranked schools that submitted the data for college applications, eight colleges that received the highest number of candidates for fall 2015 were public universities based in the Golden State. For the third consecutive year, the University of California - Los Angeles had the most applicants with 92,728.

In second place is the University of California - Berkeley. However, it has a difference of about 20,000 from UCLA with 78,924 applications. University of California - San Diego came in third place with 78,056.

Other University of California schools also received the most applications. The school's campus in Irvine, Santa Barbara and Davis got 71,768, 70,444 and 64,510 applications, respectively.

University of California - Santa Barbara was included in the top four-year universities list of The school took the fourth spot. In first place is University of Wisconsin-Madison, based on both professor and campus ratings.

San Diego State University came in seventh place with 58,970 applications for fall 2015. In eighth place is California State University-Long Beach with 56,975. New York University and Boston University completed the top 10 list with 56,092 and 54,781, respectively.

Recently, the Internet went wild after an email exchange of soon-to-be roommates in the University of California - Los Angeles went viral. Apparently, two freshmen were already finding living with their third roommate, who described herself as a "ticking time bomb," difficult even before they start school.

The letter, posted by Winnie Chen on Twitter, showed the demands of her future roommate, Ashly. Apparently, Ashly wants to get the top bunk of the bunk bed as well as one full closet for herself. The Twitterverse responded with criticism for Ashly's attitude and demands.

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