'Jumanji 2': First Cast Photo Taken On Set Sparks Controversy Over Gender Equality [Video]


The cast of "Jumanji 2" posted a first photo taken on location and got blasted for it.

The main cast of "Jumanji 2" includes Dwayne Johnson who plays Smolder Bravestone with Kevin Hart as Moose Finbar, Karen Gillan plays Ruby Roundhouse, and Jack Black as Shelly Oberon with the latest reported addition to the cast, Nick Jonas whose role is yet to be revealed. Production is currently underway in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Controversy sparked anew when the first cast photo came out. Many took exception of Gillan's scantily clad character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Maybe part of the plot involves setting the gender equality fight back 20 years?" In response, Johnson said to trust him and that when we know the plot, Gillan's jungle wardrobe will make sense. Gillan also chimed in her thoughts with a tweet regarding reactions to her costume.

When news about "Jumanji" being revived by Sony came out last year, not many was thrilled. Many felt part of their childhood was being corrupted by each reboot or remake the movie studios come out with. According to The Guardian, Twitter users were furious with one even asking "Is nothing sacred anymore?" This was before the movie even got a cast and a story written. To date, It doesn't even have its own title yet.

Fast forward to 2016, production of the movie pushed through despite the negative reactions it got a year earlier. It was said the movie will not be a remake but a sequel paying tribute to Robin Williams. But that didn't dampen the resolve of hardcore fans of Robin Williams and the movie.

The movie has been fraught with animosity and rebuked by fans and critics. Talk is circulating that "Jumanji 2" will no longer be played on the iconic "Jumanji" board but a video game version of it. That's probably why they refer to the main cast as avatars and that in part explains why Gillan's 'avatar,' looks like she just came from a Lara Croft convention.

"Jumanji 2" is scheduled for release July 28, 2017.

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