MacBook Pro 2016, iPad Pro Updates: 3 Reasons why No New MacBook Air, iPad Mini This Year [VIDEO]


MacBook Pro 2016 release date draws near and here's what you can expect in the late October event.

MacBook Air is on path to extinction?

After Apple launched the Macbook Pro with Retina display in 2015, fans began to doubt if Macbook Air will have a place since the Pro variant is more compelling in every aspect. What's more, the stunningly unbeatable resolution and color reproduction that just makes the Air model feels outdated. Based on a headline on The Verge, it seems to indicate that MacBook Air is far behind its Pro sibling, and there may be a plan to kill off the device.

A report suggests that the MacBook Pro 2016 will get a major overhaul that includes a much thinner design. It can be assumed that as the Pro gets thinner, the Air fans may shift to a much more powerful, versatile, thinner and newer device - all of which are actually the nature of MacBook Air.

iPad Pro 2 with faster CPU and lighter design could deliver desktop-class performance

The rumors about iPad Pro 2 have long been heard. Starting from a speculation by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that claims there will be three iPad models launched next year, including a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, Bloomberg reported.

When the original iPad Pro was introduced, Apple claimed that the Pro brings desktop-class performance with its touch screen and large screen size that should be able to replace PC or tablet for work. The tech giant will likely bring more updates for the iPad lineup, including smoother navigation, more-integrated apps with Apple Pencil, and probably Sonder's magic keyboards as well.

That leaves no room for MacBook Air to shine.

iPad Mini killed off due to the upcoming 7.9-inch iPad Pro 2 and the already-released iPhone 7 Plus

iPad Mini 4 arrives with 7.9-inch screen and there has been a rumor that said the iPad Pro 2 may have the same size. The Mini was once a favorite but now that the iPhone 7 Plus comes slightly smaller screen (5.5 inches) and the rumored iPad Pro 2 that may come with a 7.9-inch screen - Apple could be planning to stop producing iPad Mini.

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