MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Rumor: The Killer and The Annoying Features as Refresh Draws Near [VIDEO]


MacBook Pro 2016 release date is getting near and we have investigated all the rumors and rants about the upcoming laptop. Here's what we know so far:

MacBook Pro 2016 expected 'killer' features

The upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are expected to get major upgrades from Apple. Alongside the rumored ultra-thin design laptop and a stunning 5K display, the Macs are said to feature OLED touch bar or the dynamic function row, Bloomberg reported. The virtual keys will become the representation of function keys based on the currently opened program.

Based on the timeframe of Intel Kaby Lake, analyst Rhoda Alexander said that it is unlikely to see the chip goes under the hood of MacBook Pro 2016. The upcoming laptop device could sport Skylake processor. As for the processor, the option goes to AMD latest chip. The pair makes a powerful device with faster CPU and yet, battery-efficient. 

MacBook Pro 2016 'annoying' upgrades

It is also rumored that Apple may remove MagSafe which is considered an annoying upgrade to the tech crowd since it would mean removing a useful port.

The USB C port is said to make fans unhappy because no one wants 'dangling line of adapters,' CultofMac reported. However, it seems to be undeniable that the USB type C will rule the tech world in the future.  

It has been almost five years since MacBook Pro received a revamp. It seems that Apple has abandoned the laptop line and may need to catch up with the rest this year. As usual, Apple declines to give any comment regarding the all MacBook rumors circulating through the online world.

MacBook Pro 2016 release date

While some of the rumored specs have been considered as innovative, it is the release date that has been wildly speculated. A report suggests October 27 as the release date of MacBook Pro 2016 based on an ad from Waterfield that offers pre-order for sleeves redesigned valid till October 27. This information corroborates the rumor of late October launch date and the rescheduled Q4 results due to Macbook Pro 2016 release.

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