Is The iOS 10.1 Beta Update Useful For Students?


Apple has recently rolled out the iOS 10.1 beta update. Should students jump right in and install it?

Apple Insider reported that the tech giant has issued the second public beta for its iOS 10.1. update. The code is free to download for those who have registered in Apple's Beta Software Program. Users who already have the first beta can download the second version as an over-the-air update.

It was noted that the finished 10.1 update will most likely focus on interface tweaks as well as maintenance issues. Its signature feature is said to be a "Portrait" mode for the iPhone 7 Plus which can simulate bokeh effects to put the subject on the foreground and blur out backgrounds.

The feature is limited to the iPhone 7 Plus, though, since it needs the phone's dual-lens camera. Its specs allow the phone to gauge the depth of a scene and separate the subject. There are speculations that the iOS 10.1 update will be available by the end of October.

The new camera feature can help students who are studying photography and other art-related courses. This is because there are claims that one would no longer need a DSLR to achieve the bokeh effect.

According to Tech Times, aside from the "Portrait" mode feature, the iOS 10.1 update may be where Apple will master RAM management. Apparently, the beta version has already worked on how to cut the wait time when a user revisits an app.

This can help students especially when opening several apps at once. The iPhone has performed better than other phones when it comes to multitasking.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that college students can benefit a lot from Apple Macbook Pro 2016's specs. The device's rumored OLED Display Touch Bar would be helpful for students since it purportedly can be fully-customizable. It means that users can assign a specific function, such as a shortcut to an app, to a button. With this, students can work easier with the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 because you can now have a shortcut of your frequently used programs or tasks.

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