Surface Pro 5 Release Date Pushed Back due to These 3 Reasons?

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Microsoft is expected to launch Surface Pro 5 in October but there is no sign of the hybrid laptop. It seems likely that the delay is caused by a few reasons.

We have come to the month of October and one of the much-awaited devices is the Surface Pro 5. However, with Microsoft remains mum and there is no sign of showing off the tablet - here are a few possible reasons why Surface Pro 5 launch could be pushed back.

Redstone 2 unconfirmed

The Redstone 2 is a codename rumored to be given to Windows 10 upcoming update but there has been no report on the 'release date' other then speculations. According to Windows Central, the rich-feature Windows 10 Redstone 2 is said to bring more enhancements but consumers should expect to see the update rolled out in 2017.

With that being said, the Surface Pro 5 which is speculated to get the Redstone 2, will not appear this year.

No Kaby Lake, no new tablet

There is a huge possibility that the Surface Pro 5 will get a major upgrade and Microsoft could be using Intel Kaby Lake for the laptop's processor. However, the release of Kaby Lake is just like the Redstone 2 - it remains unconfirmed.

Many rants have assumed that if Surface Pro 5 gets a 2016 release date, it will make more sense for Microsoft to equip the laptop with Skylake because the 7th generation core debuts in 2017.

Other than the processor, Surface Pro 5 is said to be released in two models, 2K and 4K display. It is speculated to have a rechargeable Pen and 16 GB of RAM.

If Microsoft is planning to introduce the next generation of Surface Pro tablet with impressive specs, it will likely to have a powerful Kaby Lake processor under the hood but the launch date would be pushed to 2017.

Previously, University Herald has investigated the rumors and found that a few reliable sources point at a 2017 release date for the Surface Book 2. It can be argued that Surface Pro 5 will be launched at the same event.

The Surface Pro 4 campaign is still going strong

Remember when an advertising of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was aired a few months ago? It may not hint to the Surface Pro 5 launching date but it seems that Microsoft still wants to increase the Surface Pro 4 sales instead of focusing on an updated device. This could mean that Surface Pro 5 will not be launched in 2016

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