MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: Two Specs You won't Likely See in The Late October Event [RUMOR]


MacBook Pro has not gone through any revamp process for awhile, and this year, Apple could unveil the iteration that comes with a major overhaul. There are many rumors from every aspect revealed by tech writers, investors and analysts, and based on that information, it can be argued that two specs may not appear on MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple rumor: MacBook Pro 2016 to sport Nvidia's latest chip

There are many expected features of MacBook Pro 2016, including the OLED strip that replaces the physical function keys, the Touch ID for login, and the latest Nvidia graphics chip, Apple Insider reported.

The latter, however, may not come into fruition since Apple has just begun the first stage of partnership with Nvidia. It may be too early to equip the October's MacBook Pro with the chip. Instead, Apple could still be using AMD Polaris-based card for this year's laptop.

Apple rumor: MacBook Pro 2016 magic keyboard

Many analysts believe that if Apple wants to have a bright future, innovation is the key. A recent report suggests a partnership between Apple and an Australia-based startup business, Sonder Design, who created the so-called magic keyboard.

It is said that Apple and Sonder Design have been in talks over licensing E-Ink keyboards. The technology is quite similar to the rumored OLED strip that will equip MacBook Pro 2016, Laptopmag has learned. However, there is no word whether the third-party keyboards will also be introduced alongside the laptop this month.

If rumors come into fruition, then MacBook Pro 2016 is Apple's first revolutionary product by using a dynamic keyboard but judging from the recently discussed Sonder's keyboards, between the two tech company, the implementation is less likely to happen this year. Apple could introduce the magic keyboards in 2018.

Here's what the magic keyboards rumored to be Apple Macbook Pro next generation keyboards. 

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