‘Star Wars Rebels’ Update: New Clip Reveals Thrawn Confronting Hera About Her Past [VIDEO]


Star Wars Rebels: Season 3's "Hera Heroes" will be airing on Saturday. A new clip from the series showed Grand Admiral Thrawn being fascinated by Hera's past, especially her lineage. In this video, Hera can be seen to be interrogated by Thrawn.

According to Screen Rant, a follow-up from a previously-released Rebels clip showed that Hera was taken as a prisoner by Thrawn. Thrawn has stated how the Twi'lek has witnessed war in its entire lifetime, through surviving the Clone Wars before taking part in the Galactic Civil War. It was revealed by Thrawn through his associate that Hera is the daughter of Free Ryloth leader Cham Syndulla.

Hera is not a peasant who is a part of the Ghost crew's undercover operation. This was after Hera came back with a line on how the Rebel Alliance's "will to be free" can make them defeat the Empire. There was a portrait of the Syndulla family that was shown towards the end. This suggests that the empire has dominated over Cham's home.

The clip has revealed that the Rebels team has presented the importance of Thrawn. He was being presented as a cool and cunning antagonist, who can't just easily be frustrated. A good amount of pressure was put into Dace Filoni and his company for the character to be given justice. It is because the expectations were indeed high, IGN reported.

However, the small tastes of Thrawn have gained the excitement of several fans. As of this time, the voice and mannerisms for Thrawn has earned an excellent remark; although, fans have to wait for the end of the season to cast their final decision for Thrawn.

Thrawn's stint on the show is just beginning now. There are still a few seasons for Rebels, so it is not worth killing the character within a short period of time after his debut.

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