Katie Holmes' Opinion Of The Education System In America

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Talk about a family activity. Actress Katie Holmes sits down with "no longer a baby girl" Suri to watch the United States Presidential debates together. For her, it is an opportunity for her child to see Hillary Clinton in action.

The United States of America is preparing for what will be one of the most debated agendas of all time - the education system of America. And both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their own directions.

While Katie Holmes is busily cheering on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Suri watches on, cites People Katie Holmes is obviously with Hillary. And it is important for her daughter to see. Suri is already 10 years old and Hillary is a powerful symbol for her to be seeing on stage and defending her platform. "That's so powerful for a 10-year-old girl to see," says Holmes.

Holmes believes that Clinton is working hard for America's children. "I believe that our country will be taken care of with her as president," she adds.

With Suri growing up and attending school, it is important for her to be exposed to the right media. Holmes explains that children should focus on what they want to do in their lives and "what their passions are and finding them."

This is why she is very focused on Suri. She wants Suri to experience school, find extracurricular activities and be proud of herself and not "the way you look or what you have."

Seeing Clinton on the stand is a powerful symbol for the young girls of America. And Holmes thinks it would be great to have a woman president. She empowers young girls like Suri to become scientists, doctors and more. In a way, affecting gender diversity towards STEM.

"I think more importantly we really have to focus on education for everyone in our country," ends Holmes. After all, her daughter is going to school and it is important she gets the right education from the right system.

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