MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, News: MacBook Pro 2016 To Feature A Magic Keyboard? [VIDEO]


MacBook Pro 2016 has been anticipated by tech fans all year long, but has not been much hinted in all the previous Apple events. Now, speculation is rife that the high-end laptop is all set for its October launch, and will feature a completely overhauled keyboard with an additional secondary display screen.

This display panel will be located right above the primary keyboard and transform the function keys. The keyboard's display panel will change depending upon which apps are currently in use. It has been said that there are also some exciting revelation about the upcoming MacBook Pro during its launch, BGR reported

A Reddit user, named Foxconninsider, revealed some very interesting details about the keyboard design, which is slated to come along with the latest MacBook lineup. The Reddit user claims that Foxconn (said to be Apple's main manufacturing partner) flaunted some prototypes of Apple products at the MIT-like China University. The Reddit user is reportedly working at the MIT-like China University, the Tsinghua University.

Also, the Reddit user said that as Foxconn hosted an event in the college campus, the company revealed that Apple is in the process of purchasing Sonder. Sonder company rose to fame for its backlit e-ink keyboards. So, if Sonder technology is being integrated into the keyboard design of the MacBook Pro 2016, the final product will have some sort of a magic keyboard.

Sonder made it known that they meticulously designed and engineered the Sonder keyboard from inside out. Their final product is an advanced, elegant keyboard with transparent keys, along with a bespoke display that's as much a work of art as it is a state of the art, Slash Gear reported.

Sonder has also claimed that their product is the world's first E Ink keyboard. Sonder's laptop webpage even stated that they will deliver the future at the person's fingertips.

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