Apple Store For Education Started By University Of Phoenix


"It's like an Apple store for education," says Dennis Bonilla, the executive dean of the College of Information Systems and Technology. The University of Phoenix is looking at Las Vegas as a testing ground for a new type of education.

This type of education is a community education. And one that centers on starting a business. The site will be located in the Bank of America Plaza building. It is the place where companies rent work spaces and "receive mentorship and guidance", according to the Review Journal.

How did this happen? According to a survey from the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, over 50% of people who are above 18 years old in Southern Nevada wants to start a business but they have not tried yet. Now this can be possible.

The experience center, which is set to open this Saturday to the general public, gives the feeling of an Apple store. And instead of iPhones and gadgets, the 11,000 square foot space is devoted to stations with different types of technology.

One station is dedicated to business intelligence. Another station is focused on virtual reality and augmented reality. And another station features cyber security. Cyber security is a critical piece of technology because of the rampant cyber attacks happening around the world. There is also a station that houses a mobile robot which showcases experiential learning.

But those are not the only stations available at the center. 3-D printing is also going to have its own stations and tons of other types of technology.

Everything offered at the RedFlint center will be free. The state itself has approved the area as an education center. RedFlint's managing director, Shavonnah Tiera Collins explains that their goal is to help people understand what they need in order to start a company.

With lots of start up businesses happening and popping up, it is essential that everybody knows what kind of technology they can use.

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