Career Planning In College: Young CEO Shares 9 Secrets To Success


College students can learn a lot from the lives of successful people who were able to achieve great things while they were still young. Looking to them as sources of inspiration, students can check what traits and characteristics these people have that helped them reach the top at such a young age.

In a feature by CNBC, the founder of mobile advertising app Kiip, 25-year-old Brian Wong, shared his nine career secrets. His multi-million dollar company has gained massive popularity and even landed high-profile clients such as McDonald's and Pepsi.

Wong wrote a book, entitled "The Cheat Code," which contained 70 "cheats" or "hacks" to get the most out of one's career and life. The publication highlighted nine tips that can help everyone, including college students, as they plan their careers.

1. "Learn how to compartmentalize."

According to the Kiip CEO, personal problems or stresses should be left at home. He suggested walking it off and showing up for work like it never happened.

2. "Stomp out fear."

For Wong, facing one's fears is the only way to become the best you. Focus on what you are able to do instead of what you can't do.

3. "Pitch yourself."

While it is important to leave personal things at home, your business should feel personal to you as well. People will want to invest in you and not the project.

4. "Know your strengths."

Cliché as it may be, it's important to be aware of what you are able to do excellently. Moreover, use these skills to their fullest.

5. "Tune out."

Sometimes, it's best to leave your phone and disconnect for a while. There's no need to be in touch with everybody all the time.

6. "Stop comparing yourself to others."

Focus more on improving yourself than by checking how everyone else is doing and what they're achieving.

7. "Present yourself in the best way possible."

After pitching yourself and finding your strengths, make sure that you represent yourself well when meeting with others.

8. "Get out more."

Networking is a great tool for widening your reach. Meet people and gain new experiences along the way.

9. "Go to museums."

Get inspired by the successes of great people who molded history into what they wanted it to be.

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