Cyber Technology: University Of San Diego Trains Students To Counter Online Attacks


They say the biggest threat in the world is the one you cannot see. In a world full of data and information right at your fingertips, the online and computer technology world is both an enemy and a friend to users everywhere.

Which is why the University of San Diego is teaching students how to fight against online or cyber attacks. Called the 'Cyber Range', students experience simulated online attacks. In these simulations, they learn how to fight back and defend against them.

The university's goal is to expose students and the industry to every known attacks by lone hackers. According to Tech Wire, foreign governments like China and Russia have experienced attacks from hackers and in the process, information has been accessed.

The school wants to train professionals how to deal with cybersecurity problems. One can even acesss information on your phone and personal computer. Which is why the University of San Diego's 'Cyber Range' is opening its doors next year. This initiative hopes to counter the escalating issues on cyber security. The United States Defense Department is already working on a similar range as well as the University of Southern California. Different universities in Michigan are also doing the same.

John Callahan, the person who leads the cybersecurity programs in USD says, "Imagine tools on display that show cyber events graphically, with colors constantly changing as attacks materialize, alarms and warnings firing as systems experience breach attempts, and graphic representation of the success or failure of the efforts." He talks about penetration testing and red team-blue team scenarios. He speaks about the goal of the initiative which is to create a network operations center so students could not only learn through a real-world simulation but also learn from the exercises.

University of San Diego's range is expected to accommodate up to thirty students. They will then be divided into teams that will face a smorgasbord of cyber attacks coming from real-life scenarios.

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