PlayStation 4 Pro Is Better Than Xbox Project Scorpio, But PS4 Pro Cannot Compete With PC [VIDEO]


With the upcoming release of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Project Scorpio, Microsoft and Sony will once again battle for console dominance in the next few months. Tech fans suggested that Playstation 4 Pro's specs is better than Xbox Project Scorpio, but in terms of frame rates, PS4 Pro can't keep up with PC.

The battle for dominance of the upcoming consoles started earlier this year, when Sony made it known to the public that their newest console upgrade, the PlayStation 4 Pro, will feature support for HDR and 4K. The console will utilize the mainstream HD resolution for modern TVs and monitors.

But, the real deal comes when the Xbox department head announced an ongoing project that will finally slam down its longtime rival. Microsoft's current project, dubbed as the Project Scorpio, is said to be better than PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to console's power and efficiency.

However, aside from PS4 Pro's HDR support feature, PlayStation had made a huge step up in console development upon the introduction of the PlayStation VR. In which it will also make use of the latest trend of virtual reality and incorporate it into the PS4 Pro, according to Digital Trends.

Even though PlayStation 4 Pro will offer immersive gaming experience, users also have the opportunity to maximize the use of their 4K TVs which, for some individuals that have high-end devices, is a huge factor when it comes to console gaming.

That being said, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, stated that PlayStation 4 Pro is actually designed to compete with PC and not with Project Scorpio. House made it known that the PS4 Pro is a way to keep its users within Sony's gaming environment and prevent them from drifting to PC, Geek reported.

In spite of that, the PS4 Pro will not be able to keep up with PCs in terms of frame rate, but things are a little better for PS4 Pro when it comes to graphics.

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