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‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Air Date, Spoilers: Two Gokus Are Actually Twins; How Zamasu & Goku Share Identities [VIDEO]


"Dragon Ball Super" has found a new antagonist in the anime series, in the form of Black Goku. Though the character's true identity has remained a mystery for quite some time, the upcoming episode is said to reveal who Black Goku really is.

The God of Destruction Beerus, is also said to kill Zamasu in the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super." Zamasu is said to have taken control of Goku's body. But, Future Trunks made a decision to return to the future to find out if he can bail it out from destruction, according to Christian Times.

However, "Dragon Balls Super" episode 61 is slated to find out more about how Zamasu and Black Goku turn out to share identities. As the characters are responsible for black-hearted acts.

The preview of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 made known to its fans the more intense and fast-paced fight scenes of Goku Black and Zamasu against Son Goku, Trunks and Vegeta. The forthcoming episode 61 is dubbed as "Zamasu's Ambition: The Terrifying Zero Mortal Plans," based on the report of Christian Daily.

The preview reveals how Son Goku struggles, but the character shows to be even more determined to wipe out the powerful villains. Son Goku stated that Zamasu and Black's techniques are way more powerful when they join forces. But, Son Goku won't rest until he has taken them down.

Anyway, fans of the anime series find it hilarious that Son Goku doesn't know the link between kissing and marriage. This isn't surprising since Son Goku didn't even understand when the princess of Fire Mountain, Chi-Chi, confessed her love for Son Goku, Gotaku reported.

In addition, rumors surfaced claiming that fans will see Black Goku transform again into Super Saiyan Rose.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 is slated to premiere on October 9.

Watch The Video Here:

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